Dock Drinks



Please note all our specialty drinks are also available as 24 oz TOGO drinks served chilled but without ice.  Each TOGO drink must have an item of food ordered with it per ABC guidelines. Thank you for your understanding


Cabana Cooler

Malibu Rum & our blend

of five tropical fruit juices

                                                         Tito’s Tea                                               

Tito’s, lemonade, and iced tea

House Margarita

Made with fresh squeezed lime juice, triple sec, shaken well

Caribbean Fireball

Fireball Whiskey, Malibu rum and

                                                                         fresh pineapple


    Tito’s, grape juice, ginger ale, lime

Orange Crush

 Fresh OJ, vodka,

triple sec, citrus soda

Grapefruit Crush

Fresh grapefruit, vodka,

Triple sec, lemon lime soda

Mango Tango

Crushed mango with coconut rum and pineapple juice



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